We have a new name!

The End-FLUenza Project

Change isn't easy. You fight to hold on and you fight to let go. Changing something simple like a name may seems easy. While your name, John, George, Heather or Patricia doesn't define you, its what you are known by. When someone refers to you, they call you by your name. For some, the name is a true definition of you.

There's something very bittersweet about our name change. I'll never forget the day the name Fight the Flu Foundation came to me. While my daughters death was still so fresh and new. Only months had gone by and at that time, I was still unsure what our true mission would be. I was on the fence about Flu Vaccinations. I still believed my daughter was the only child on the face of the earth that died from flu. While I knew I was set out to do something life changing, I was not sure what direction I was going.

In the few months after loosing Scarlet I came across some amazing individuals who really spent time and effort on educating me on flu. I went to lunch, I attending a few meetings, had a couple phone calls and realized... we must FIGHT THE FLU. The only way to conquer this is to fight against it. Then came the name, one evening sitting on my lazy boy recliner. It clicked. There it was. FIGHT THE FLU FOUNDATION

Fight the Flu Foundation was founded February, 2015.

We must Fight the flu. Fight against flu. How do we do that? Its simple and inexpensive. Flu Vaccinate. Stay home when your sick. Wash your hands and cover your mouth (with the inside of your arm) when you cough or sneeze.

Ok, so we got the 'Fight the Flu' part covered. We (I) thought, Fight the Flu was perfect. What is even more perfect is not the action but more of the end result. It takes us Fighting the Flu to End (in-)fluenza. It's so much deeper than the surface of battling and fighting.

While there are several actions and ways to fight against flu, there is only one destination we are reaching for. Ultimately, to eliminate flu. Our new name not only defines our true goal in the end, it also shows that this isn't a easy fight against the flu. . A project is designed to deliver a particular output- END INFLUENZA.

Its not just a process but more of a journey.

That's really just it. While its a continuous fight, the goal through all of our methods of outreach, campaigns and programs is one united reason-- to put and END TO INFLUENZA.

We have some really great new partnerships with some really great organizations. Your donated dollars will no longer be toward Fighting the Flu, but will now be a part of something much bigger.

We hope you love our new name as much as we do. We look forward to new partnerships, new supporters and our new journey! Keep a look out for new changes in the upcoming months. We appreciate your patience through our transition. You will find some of our material still says Fight the Flu Foundation as we are working diligently piece by piece to reflect our new brand.

Committed to you and yours,

The End-FLUenza Project

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